My visit with The King, Christopher Plummer. RIP.

I worked with Mr. Plummer for a total of about 30 minutes, while I was at Livent, and we were producing Barrymore.

We were backstage, in his dressing room of The Music Box Theater, while he waited to take the stage as the title role in this terrific play.

The dressing room was small, as are the dressing rooms of most Broadway Theaters, and simply furnished, as are the dressing rooms of most Broadway Theaters.

But I felt like I had an audience with a King.

Those 30 minutes were some of the most educational of my career.  In that half-hour, he told story after story after story (as I was told by the person who trained me he would).

I don’t think I blinked or said a word the entire time. I was so enraptured by how we wove a tale. Then he stepped on stage in front of 1,000 people and did the same thing.

The man was born to do what he did. And his audiences, on and off the stage, were richer for it.

To read more about the man, click here.

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