Need a writing partner? Come to our Collaborator Speed Date!

Spring is in the air, so I’m feeling randy . . . it’s time to start hookin’ people up!

Our first Collaborator Speed Date was way back in 2011, and it is one of the events that I’m always asked to bring back.  So we’re reviving it!

The idea is simple . . . the theater, and musical theater more specifically, is a collaborative art form, whether we like it or not.  If you’re a composer, you don’t want a lyricist, you need a lyricist.  If you’re a lyricist you need a bookwriter.  If you’re a bookwriter, you need a composer (and a therapist because bookwriters never get any credit).

Sure, some folks do it all themselves, but those are rare dudes and dudettes, and I don’t even recommend it.

So if you want to have some success in this industry as a writer, you’ve got to find collaborative life-partners.  And that can be more difficult than finding an actual spouse!

Since there’s no OKCupid or grindr for writers, we’re going to get a bunch of you in a room and set you up on a bunch of mini dates with fellow writers . . . and then you’re on your own!  We’ve had a bunch of very successful collaborations come out of our previous sessions, so who knows . . . you may be the next Lynn Ahrens . . . and you may find your Stephen Flaherty!  Rodgers . . . your Hammerstein could be waiting for you!

Here’s how to find them:

Collaborator Speed Date
Wednesday, March 12th, 7 PM – 9 PM
Davenport Theatre
354 W. 45th Street

You must, without a doubt, RSVP, as spots are very limited.  Click here to do just that, and make sure you indicate whether you’re a Composer, Lyricist or Bookwriter (and no other disciplines, please – we’ll have another Speed Date for Directors, Producers, etc. later).

So put on your best writin’ outfit and come on down and meet some peeps.  What do you have to lose?  You can’t write a musical by yourself staring at your computer.

Speed Date it up with us!  RSVP here.


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