Non-profit nominations on Broadway? Are they increasing? A follow up.

Yesterday, I expressed my concern about the lack of commercial Off-Broadway productions up for the Off-Broadway Awards, aka The Lortels, and also the lack of commercial Off-Broadway productions period.

At the end of the blog, I promised to scour the nomination history of Broadway shows (or have my research assistant aka Katie do the scouring), to see if there was a similar trend on the Great White Way.

Here’s what Katie found out:


Year # Total Nominations # Nonprofit Nominations % Nonprofit Nominations Total # Nonprofit Productions
2002 90 12 13.33% 3
2003 92 22 23.91% 5
2004 92 27 29.35% 9
2005 107 25 23.36% 7
2006 103 33 32.04% 8
2007 106 23 21.70% 6
2008 112 34 30.36% 7
2009 116 30 25.86% 6
2010 112 16 14.29% 7
2011 109 34 31.19% 9

As you can see on the graph, the good news is . . . there’s no trend.  The noms are all over the map over the last decade.  And that means, the flood waters may not be receding, but they are not creeping up that hill just yet.

But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t stop trying to bail us out.  Because if there’s one fear that I have for the Broadway over the next couple of decades, is that the only folks that will be able to produce are giant corps (like movie companies who own the content that we’re turning into musicals) and non-profits.


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