Now that you’ve finished binge-watching Tiger King . . . do this. [UPDATED 4/24/2020)

We’re 5 weeks into our stay-at-home now, which means the binge-watching and binge-baking have probably lost their charm.

If you’re a TheaterMaker and you’re looking for something else to do, I’ve got some ideas not only on what to do, but how to do it.

And on Thursday at 6 PM EDT (TOMORROW!), I’m going to share them in a free webinar aptly entitled, “How TheaterMakers Can Make The Most Of Their Quaran-time.”

See, the irony is, just because the world is inactive, doesn’t mean we can afford to be.  If we want to write theater, produce theater, act in theater, direct in theater, etc, we’re going to figure out how to do more, in less time.  Because the world is going to look different when this is all over.

And I believe the people who are examining what they have to do during their quaran-time are the ones who will succeed after it.

So I’ve been doing a ton of research on what the smartest minds in the arts, in entrepreneurship and in personal development are not only suggesting people do, but are also doing themselves.  And it’s working for them, for me . . . and now I want to share it with you.

Because if any of it can help you make more theater, then it will help me get to my #5000By2025 mission.

So join me for this free online (of course) talk tomorrow night at 6 PM EDT.

FYI, we already have a few hundred folks signed up, so make sure you RSVP now to reserve your spot (as you probably already know, these streaming services have limits to the number of folks who can join one room).

I hope to see you there, because if you want to make theater, I know this can help you make more of it.

And what do you have to lose if it doesn’t?  You can always start Tiger King over again when I’m done.

Join me and a few hundred other TheaterMakers just like you tomorrow at 6 PM by signing up here.
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UPDATE!  This webinar was one of the most popular we’ve ever done, so by popular demand, we’ve now made it available on replay!
Click here to find out when you can see what you missed.  You have nothing to lose by watching . . . except some advice that could get your show off the ground.  So watch!
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