Podcast Episode 102 – Super-powered Arts Administrator Howard Sherman

And now it was my turn!

I first met Howard Sherman when he asked me on to appear on the American Theatre Wing’s “Producing Commercial Theater Off Broadway” and then subsequently on his podcast.

10 years (!) later, I was thrilled when agreed to appear on my podcast so I could turn the microphone around and ask this fearless arts advocate some questions of my own.

Howard has spent a few decades passionately working to making our industry and our art form stronger, whether that was when he was the Exec. Director of the American Theatre Wing or whether that’s in his current posts as the Senior Strategy Director of the Alliance for Inclusion in the Arts (an org that was very helpful to us when we were launching Spring Awakening) and the Director of the new Arts Integrity Initiative at the New School for Drama, or whether that’s just on his widely read Twitter.

Howard doesn’t hold his opinions back, and he even took me to task in this podcast (I’ll let you listen to hear just how), as we discussed . . .

  • What NY Producers can learn from Regional Theaters (I loved this answer)
  • Why Movie Studios coming to Broadway may very well be a good, good thing.
  • He takes Broadway’s temperature on Diversity – and says how we’re doing.  And what we can do better.
  • Why social media isn’t for everyone . . . but why it is for him.
  • How he became the archivist for Hamilton’s “Ham-For-Ham” performances.

Talking to someone like Howard, I’m quickly reminded of how having passionate artists who appear on or write for our stages is not enough.  We need even more passionate people behind desks to make sure those passionate artists of all types have a stage to stand on in years to come.

Listen in to hear from one of the best administrative advocates we have.

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Sorry about the sound issues in this podcast. We found the bug and fixed it in later episodes. It gets better, I promise 🙂


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