Podcast Episode 121 – From Broadway to Hollywood, Actor/Director/Producer Don Scardino

Don Scardino has the type of career so many dream about.

Not only was he successful in crossing over from Actor to Director, but he’s also one of the few that has successfully transitioned from Broadway to Hollywood…and back again.

It takes a special type of artist, and an even more special type of person, to play Jesus in Godspell on Broadway for well over 1,000 performances, direct Aaron Sorkin’s Broadway debut, A Few Good Men, and then direct everything from Law & Order to 2 Broke Girls, not to mention episode after episode of 30 Rock.

That’s why I was so happy Don sat down with us to talk about the secrets of his success.  He shared some great stories and some great tips you can apply to your career, as well as…

  • How he literally knocked on doors to get his start in the biz.
  • Why NOT getting the lead in a show ultimately led him to the career he has now.
  • What “being nice” has to do with making it…or not.
  • How Hollywood does a better job at THIS than Broadway…and what we can do to fix it.
  • A simple and powerful lesson in acting on television for theater actors.

Don could give master classes in so many subjects, and this podcast is like a smorgasbord of knowledge for folks of all disciplines in this biz.

Enjoy it…and let’s hope Don finds some time in his busy schedule to come back to Broadway more often!

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Sorry about the sound issues in this podcast. We found the bug and fixed it in later episodes. It gets better, I promise 🙂



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