Podcast Episode 126 – The CEO of The Troika Organization, Randy Buck

I like to think of Broadway as a UFO.

It’s the mothership.

And when successful, it spits out little X-Wing Starfighter ships, also known as National Tours.

The bigger the success on Broadway, the more ships/tours it sends out.

But just like Broadway has gotten more difficult to navigate these days, so have the satellite ships.  The economics are tougher.  The competition is tougher.  The audience’s expectations are tougher.

It’s no longer the “guarantee” that it once was.

That’s why specialty touring organizations like Troika, are now handling the majority of the touring properties that crisscross around the country.

Broadway Producers and General Managers used to produce/manage their own tours, but now . . . we outsource that work to experts more often than not.

One of the highest ranking experts on touring in the biz?  Mr. Randy Buck, the CEO of The Troika Organization.

That’s why I grabbed him for my podcast . . . because the road has been repaved a few times since I was staying at Holiday Inns and eating at Denny’s as a touring Company Manager . . . and I wanted us all to get a refresher.

Listen in to hear Randy chat about . . .

  • What a tour can mean for a show’s Broadway Investors.
  • Why on the road, a good TV commercial can mean more than a good show.
  • When you should plan your national tour.
  • Can a show go on the road without a Broadway brand?
  • An easy way to save money for touring productions.

Oh, and you just gotta hear the story about 101 Dalmatians.  🙂

Enjoy the podcast, and here’s hoping your shows need the service of someone like Randy very soon.

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