Podcast Episode 129 – Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award Winner, Tom Kitt

Tom Kitt’s story could be a movie.

He was a child prodigy.

While in college he meets the woman who will become his wife, and the writing partner who will help secure his place in musical theater history (Like Steve Jobs meeting “Woz”).

He gets his first musical on Broadway before he turns 35.  The future seems so bright, he’d had to wear two sets of shades.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t go so well.

But, in classic “hero story” structure, he rises up, comes back, and wins a Tony Award and a freakin’ Pulitzer Prize for his next show.

That would normally be where the movie would end.  But Tom Kitt’s story is just getting started.

This podcast with Tom is like the DVD commentary on that movie. We had a frank conversation about his journey including:

  • How to choose an idea to turn into a musical.
  • How a “10 Minute Musical” exercise at BMI changed his life, and how you can use the same exercise.
  • What he went through after High Fidelity closed quickly, and how he got back to work.
  • Why he isn’t on social media. (Artists, take heed!)
  • What he has learned from working with Green Day, Aerosmith, Sara Bareilles and so many pop-rock writers.

After listening to this podcast, you’ll be dying to know when the sequel to the Tom Kitt story comes out.


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