Podcast Episode 135 – SpongeBob The Musical Bookwriter, Kyle Jarrow

Kyle Jarrow is the ultimate interdisciplinary writer.

He has written films that have been screened at Sundance.  He has a new TV show on the CW right now.  And this fall he’ll make his Broadway debut as a bookwriter with SpongeBob The Musical.

Pretty cool, right?

Oh, I forgot to mention . . . he also leads the rock band Sky-Pony with his equally as interdisciplinarily-talented wife, Lauren Worsham.

That’s right, folks, from big brand Broadway entertainment to super-hip indie-pop, Kyle writes it all.

That’s why I was so interested in chatting with him . . . because, well, honestly, it’s one thing to write for different mediums, it’s another to achieve success in each one of those mediums.

I wanted to find out what his secret sauce was.

Listen to hear him share the ingredients to that sauce as well as:

  • How he got the job for SpongeBob (a process different than most musicals).
  • What a bookwriter’s job really is, and how that changes with different collaborators.
  • Why he wrote A Very Merry Unauthorized Children’s Scientology Pageant, and how that got him into some trouble.
  • How an idea informs what medium you should write it for.
  • Just how the heck he keeps all these projects straight . . . and makes them successful!

We’re going to be reading, hearing and listening to a lot of Kyle’s stuff in the future.  So you might as well start with this podcast.

You’ll be saying, “I heard him when . . . ”

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