Podcast Episode 136 – Broadway General Manager AND Producer, Carl Pasbjerg

There’s no doubt that the right General Manager can mean the difference between recoupment or not.

Now, no General Manager can take a show that was destined for the wall at Joe Allen and turn the ship around.  But a show that is close to profitability, can be driven to the end zone with the right GM calling the plays.  AND, a show that makes money?  Well, it can make a heck of a lot more money with the right General Manager on the team (and that’s an essential part of producing on Broadway, by the way).  Since “wins” are so rare, it’s essential we get as much out of them as possible, to give back to our investors who probably lost some bucks on our way to finding those winners.

Carl Pasbjerg is one of the best General Manager Quarterbacks around.

You’ll get an inside peek at his Broadway playbook in this podcast when the GM (and Producer of Come From Away) talks about:

  • The difference between managing Broadway shows today versus twenty years ago (and it goes beyond just not having to use a “map”).
  • Accountability . . . why he prides himself on it, and why it’s necessary.
  • The first thing he does when he builds a budget (and you should too).
  • When there’s a big storm brewing, what he has to do.
  • The “new” out-of-town tryouts . . . how to get the most out of them.

None of us got into this business for the “business” of it, but thank goodness we have people like Carl to take care of that business for us.  Because without the right processes, our product would never get to market.

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