Podcast Episode 148 – Tony Nominated Choreographer, Sergio Trujillo

Most great dancers start training when they are in the womb.

Ok, maybe not that early, but it ain’t too long after they are walking until they are pliéing and pirouetting all around the living room, to paraphrase a little Chorus Line.

If you start dancing later in life and want to be the best, you gotta want it more and work harder.

It’s super clear in the first fifteen minutes of this podcast that Sergio Trujillo works harder at achieving his goals and won’t stop until he gets them.

That’s how he became one of Broadway’s best dancers after starting his career at age 18.

And that’s how he became one of Broadway’s best choreographers in record time, after hanging up his jazz shoes at the height of his performing career.

This is the kind of story I love. So we spent some time talking about his path from a poor kid from Colombia to the Tony Nominated choreographer of Jersey Boys and others, as well as . . .

  • How he got the courage to audition for a dance show, having never taken a dance class in his life.
  • Why instead of staying in NYC, he moved back to Toronto to start his choreography career.
  • The part of the process he loves the most (and why he’s a nervous wreck before he gets to this part in a show’s development).
  • His message to the politicians in NYC.
  • What he looks for in a show before he sets a step.

He also talked about directing more.

Here’s a prediction that is as easy to make as the sun will come up tomorrow . . . Sergio will no longer be one of Broadway’s most sought-after choreographers.  He will soon be one of the most sought-after director/choreographers.

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