Podcast Episode 183 – Producer of the Phenomenon that is Be More Chill, Jen Tepper

I’ve now been in the business long enough to know that people who used to work for me are going to go on to do great things.

I met Jen Tepper back in 2008 when she was an intern for an old website of mine, before becoming my marketing director. I could have told you then that she would make her mark on Broadway history.  It was only a matter of when.

That when, is now. She is one of the key people responsible for ushering Joe Iconis’ Be More Chill to Broadway.  (Click here to listen to Joe’s podcast about the journey.)

This was one of the more exciting podcasts for me to do, as it’s the story of one of the youngest Producers on Broadway and how her dedication to an artist is making her dreams come true.

Listen in and hear her talk about:

  • How she made a decision to take the plunge and produce BMC.
  • Her gift of getting people to talk to her, how it got her career started, and how it also led to these terrific books.
  • What her dream job is . . . (I bet she’ll have it at some point!)
  • How she got started with producing and how she encourages other young Producers to get started too.
  • How it has felt not only being one of the youngest Producers on Broadway but also being one of the youngest female Producers on Broadway.

Click here for my podcast with Jennifer!

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