Podcast Episode #34: Tony Award-Winning Broadway Director John Rando.

Sometimes I think we throw around the words “Tony Winner” like it’s the latest teen speak like “OMG” or “Hashtag.”

The fact is the Tony Awards only started in 1947. That means there have only been 69 of these suckers.  So if you win one, you’re in relatively small company in your category.

Take for example, Best Director of a Musical . . . which has only been given out since 1960.  That means people like our guest, John Rando, are one of only 56 (42 if you count multiple winners) people on the planet who have been good enough to win that award.  (If you already knew John won for Urinetown then you win . . . well, an electronic pat on the back.  Pat, pat.)

That also means we’re all really lucky that Mr. Rando took time out from his busy summer schedule of directing Penn & Teller and a workshop and a pre-Broadway show to spend time with us.

If you’re a Director, or just plan on working with a Director (which is all of us), then listen in to this enlightening podcast to hear John talk about . . .

  • How he created his own major in college to pursue the theater.
  • Why Directors have to balance art and commerce just like Producers.
  • The story of the unlikely success of Urinetown.  
  • Why he likes to work with people with opinions.
  • The most controversial question I’ve ever asked on any podcast to date.

You’re going to learn a lot by listening to the Director of UrinetownThe Wedding Singer, and this past season’s glorious On the Town talk Broadway . . . but one of the most interesting things you’re going to learn is that John is simply a great guy.

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