Podcast Episode #39: The man with the moves, Choreographer Spencer Liff.

Spencer Liff has skyrocketed to success in the last couple of years, having amassed Broadway credits like Hedwig and the Angry Inch, TV credits like So You Think You Can Dance (hello Emmy nomination), and a whole bunch more . . . and he just turned 30.

Yep, 30.  When other artists are wondering what they are going to do with their careers, Spencer has already had the career of at least two successful artists put together.

With all that work (including the brand new Neil Patrick Harris variety show Best Time Ever), you wonder why he’d want the insane challenge of choreographing a revival of Spring Awakening that fuses dance and American Sign Language.

But as you’ll hear, that insane challenge is exactly why Spencer did it . . . and boy are we lucky he did.

Listen to Spencer talk about Spring and a whole lot more, including:

  • What a whole bunch of rocks had to do with his career choice.
  • Why being an actor and dancer was the best education he could have had as a choreographer.
  • The difference between choreographing for television and choreographing for the stage.
  • How life for choreographers in 2015 is different than in 1995.
  • Just how the heck did he teach actors that can’t hear the music how to dance in Spring Awakening (and hear him reveal some of the secret cues in the show that help cue the actors)?

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And a head’s up . . . next week is the last week of Spring Awakening month on the podcast, and we’re ending with the Artistic Director of Deaf West, Mr. DJ Kurs, and a very unique podcast that features audio, video, and sign language, not to mention incredible insights from the head of the premiere Deaf Theater Company in the world.  Next week!


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