Podcast Episode 95 – The King of Immersive Theater, Randy Weiner.

Randy Weiner could have done anything with his life.

And he would have been a massive success at whatever he chose.  Biochemist, lawyer, Hollywood screenwriter, Jewish hip-hop star . . . it all could have happened.

Lucky for us, he joined the theater.  (And as you’ll hear from Randy himself in his podcast, we owe a big debt of thanks to his-equally-as-gifted wife, Diane Paulus, for keeping him here.)

With his early creations, including the long-runner The Donkey Show and his most recent ventures, including Sleep No More and The Box, Randy created a whole new form of entertainment called “Club Theater” which has now grown into such a giant genre, that he has been hired by the likes of Cirque, Radio City, and Vegas Hotels, to inject a little of its energy into their models.

He’s not just ahead of the curve.  He’s drawing the damn thing.

And we sat down to talk about how he carved this unique niche for himself and . . .

  • How a Biochemistry Degree from Harvard helped prepare him for the theater.
  • How his marketing budget for Sleep No More was ZERO.  And why he thinks a Broadway show can do the same thing.
  • What about Broadway terrifies him.
  • Why his projects attract “The Cool Kids”. . . from celebrities to private equity firms.
  • His strategy for raising money for projects that people can’t see beforehand.

And just wait until you hear what he thinks Broadway is going to be like in 20 years . . . and whether he thinks it’ll still be here at all?!?

Listen now.

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