Selling theater tickets like a timeshare.

“Free cruise!  Free 3 day weekend!  Disney World Tickets!  No strings attached!  All that you have to do is listen to a 20 minute presentation on a timeshare!”

You’ve all seen these offers right?  I’d bet some of you have even taken advantage of them.  Or seriously thought about it.  Why not?  They’re super attractive – you get a high value gift, for just a little bit of “time”.

And the salespeople pitching these offers are only too happy to give away that cruise or 3 day weekend, because they know their skills are good enough to convert a high percentage to what they’re really selling.

The question is . . . are yours?

So many regional theaters and touring houses are experiencing subscription challenges recently, I wonder if they’d see success using the Timeshare model.  Executed properly, I bet they would.

Send an email, or better a direct mail, to your potential new subscriber and offer them free tickets to see XXXX play/musical (make sure it’s something that has value and is enticing – think ‘cruise’).  The catch?  To pick up the tickets, they have to take a tour of your facility and hear a presentation on the benefits of subscribing.


Nothing sells a product better than a face-to-face salesperson.  The challenge in today’s online shopping environment, it’s hard to get that face time with your customer.  This is a perfect way to get your chance.

Now, don’t blow it.


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