Sharing media space in the square.

Snapped this pic on Sunday eve as one of the first examples of media sharing in Times Square between two unrelated shows.

This billboard (one of the baby bills in TS) first split pre-summer when Stomp gave up half of it (after holding the whole thing for years) to John Leguizamo’s show, Ghetto Klown.  But, it appears that the sharing-notion has stuck, as the upcoming Stick Fly has taken the bottom half.

Why do I point this out?  Because changes start small.  And this is not the last example of major media sharing you’ve seen, especially in Times Square.  See, the problem is that shows aren’t the only companies that want those big boards.  Pepsi wants ’em.  Levi’s.  Target.  And that kind of competition will continue to drive up their price . . . which may force shows to look into alternative options of advertising in the Square, like what Stick Fly and Stomp are doing.

Or maybe we’ll figure out something completely different.

Like maybe we take the $10-$15k in billboard money and put it into a 30+ person monster street team.  Or maybe we put it into mobile media that drives through the square constantly.

Or maybe we’ll just continue to learn how we can work together.

(P.S.  What about that Stomp artwork, huh?  I mean, it jumps out at you like a zombie, even though it only takes up half the space.)


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