StageIt brings live music anywhere, could theater be next?

As the big behemoths in the music biz try to figure out what the &#$@ they are going to do with their turned-upside-down business model, some young tech-savvy upstarts are coming with ideas and turning ’em into dollars.

Like Evan Lowenstein, founder of, a company that allows musicians to host a webcam performance in a bar, club or even their kitchen, and broadcast it to fans all over the world.  Unlike other webcamming alternatives, StageIt sells tickets . . . and even has a tip jar.  Their model isn’t just that you market your music to people who couldn’t see it live . . . it’s also about monetizing your music.

Does it have applications in our biz?  Sure, not for Broadway, just yet (we’re still desperately trying to figure out how we get into movie theaters without breaking the bank), but StageIt and other options seem ideal for smaller theater companies all over the world.

It’s not as easy for a theater company to set up a show in a kitchen, but there is no doubt that digital distribution is a tool that developing artists of all kinds, whether their medium is song or spoken word, can benefit from today, and will need, just to keep up, tomorrow.

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