Tonight on the Livestream: The Choreographer of Moulin Rouge and More, Sonya Tayeh

Tell me if you’ve been here before . . .

You’re watching a show (ok, ok, I know it’s been a while, but think back) . . . and while you’re watching you become so amazed at what you’re seeing that you just can’t wait until the number is over so you can flip pages through your Playbill to find out just who is responsible for what you just saw.

That was me. During Moulin Rouge. Watching the bursting-off-the-stage choreography.

The answer to my question (“Who the @#$% choreographed this awesomeness”) was of course, Sonya Tayeh.

The next question I asked after reading her ridiculously long bio was, “Where have I been hiding that I didn’t know this person before?”

I’m making up for that now as Sonya will be appearing on my livestream tonight!

Dance is one of the elements of musical theater I know the least about so I’m excited to learn from Sonya . . . and to see what she’s been up to since Corona came to town.

Join me and her and a very special “Something To Make You Smile!”

Here’s how:

You can watch on my Facebook, on my Twitter, on Broadway Podcast Network’s Youtube Channel, and on Broadway on Demand.

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