[The Streaming Stage] Event #2: The Doo Wop Project . . . Live In Your Living Room

There’s just something about a group of guys singing tight harmonies together.
They’ve been a thing on the radio for decades . . . from The Four Seasons to The Beatles to The Backstreet Boys . . . and yeah, even BTS. (Lots of B names, aren’t there?)  They’ve been a thing in the theater for decades as well . . . from Forever Plaid to Jersey Boys to Ain’t Too Proud.  And the only thing that sucks about those shows . . . is that they only feature SOME of the music from the incredible era of doo wop.
Several years ago, a group of Broadway veterans from Jersey Boys and Motown put together their own band so they could sing ALL of those tunes in one night.
That group is known as The Doo Wop Project.  And I’m proud to announce that they are the 2nd event I’ll be streaming this fall!  
The Doo Wop Project has toured the world for years, performing for well over a million people.  (All of whom gave them a “dancing ovation.”)   I saw them in Naples, Florida last year, and they even had me on my feet, clapping along in rhythm (or trying to anyway), and singing along to all those hits . . . from The Drifters to The Del Vikings to Maroon 5 (done Doo Wop style).
And now you’ll get a chance to see them live . . . in your living room . . . on Sunday, October 25th at 7 PM (EST)/4 PM (PST).
And this ain’t your grandma’s zoom concert either.
The guys will be together in a safe and secure theater space in midtown Manhattan, performing their guts out on a stage while you watch from home.  There will be interaction, chat, and a few surprises that you haven’t seen on a livestream yet.  (Gosh, just the idea of seeing singers on a stage makes me get the chills!)
You can get your ticket here for just $25.  (Isn’t streaming theater cool . . . because it’s so cheap  You can just try stuff out and if it’s not your cup of doo wop, then it’s only $25.)
But I know you’ll love these Doo Wopers.  In fact, I will personally guarantee that the Doo Wop Project gets you out of your living room seat and dancing along.  And if they don’t, email me and I’ll give you your $25 back.  That’s right . . . it’s the first-ever “Dancing Guarantee!”  🙂
More importantly, I have no doubt these guys and their tight harmonies and sweet choreography will put a big ol’ smile on your face.
And couldn’t we all use that right now?
See you on Sunday, October 25th at 7 PM (EST) for the Doo Wop Project . . . LIVE IN YOUR LIVING ROOM!

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