The future of entertainment includes a second screen. Will we get a first?

Check out this fascinating article on about how our entertainment ADD is not only being addressed by content creators, it is being celebrated.

Here’s the jist:

Admit it.  When you’re watching TV, you’ve probably got a laptop, or an iPad or a smartphone nearby.  And during the program, you may google something you see . . . or check your email  . . . or, you know, see what I’m saying on twitter.

You multi-task.  Or, as I like to say since it’s entertainment focused, multi-tain.

In their “Future of Entertainment” series, PSFK and the folks at Intel describe how the next generation of tv/video games/films/etc will engage you on multi-screens at once.  For example, they cite Dutch filmmaker Bobby Boermans’ flick,  App, that serves up a story traditionally on a big screen, and simultaneously pushes out synced content integrated with plot on your small screen.

Read the whole article here.

Then think about how this may change the theater.  You all already know that I am predicting that the Vid Game Generation will have a significant effect on how entertainment is created and consumed in all mediums, and it looks like it’s already starting in some.

But will it get to ours?  Could you be watching a musical that has interactive components sent to a screen in your hand?  What if you heard a character’s innermost thoughts on a phone while they spoke something else from the stage?  (Talk about sub-text.)

Multi-platformed entertainment is coming.  It’s just a question of when.  As usual, we’ll be a decade or so behind, like the late adopters we are.

But mark my words, in 10 years, you’ll be multi-taining too.


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