The Madness of Madoff hits a Producer hard.

Very rich people invest in Broadway shows.

Very rich people invested in Bernie Madoff.

Deductive reasoning will tell you that there’s gotta be a lot of Broadway investors that were “Friends of Bernie”.

I’ve been asking a lot of folks if they knew people that knew people that knew Bernie.  So far, I’ve found a couple of 2nd degrees of separation, but no 1st degrees, thankfully.

I did read this unfortunate article about the Producer of one of my favorite shows, however (visit my BroadwaySpace page to see a photo of me performing in it).  How ironic . . . to work so hard and finally find a show that cracks the economic nut of Broadway/Off-Broadway, and then to lose your winnings by giving it to someone who “works” in the market, the supposedly safer form of investing.  Makes me wanna crack Bernie’s nut.

Producers have a historical bad rap as being Berry Gordy-types, which is ironic because I don’t know one single Producer that is in this game for the money.  Do you?

But as more and more punks like Madoff and our Auto Industry CEOs and other greed mongers get busted and eviscerated by the public (and by bloggers), maybe the public and our own industry will see that people that produce in this business do so because they’re passionate about the theater.

Madoff was just passionate about money.

We’re learning the hard way that those are the people you have to be more careful about.  I know that I’ll never look at a guy who wants to invest my money the same.  Would you?

Gene, we could use your passion back in our game.  Revival of Plaid?  Whatta ya think?  Could be a perfect show to piggyback.

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