The most important thing Presidents and Self-Producers MUST do.

Don’t worry.  I’m not getting political.  I read an article recently that said the political conversations at work these past seven months have decreased productivity and distracted so many people from achieving their goals . . . that I steer clear of it.

But I am going to use the Presidential post to prove a point.

See, I get a lot of questions from Writers, Directors, Actors and other Artists who are interested in producing their own work to help get their careers off the ground.  They’re smart.  They realize that it’s not only possible to create your own opportunities in the 21st century, it’s absolutely necessary. With competition at all time highs in all areas of the arts (and every other industry, actually), if you’re not putting yourself out there, someone else is.

But the first thing the Artists/Entrepreneurs say is, “But how do I do it?  I’ve never done this before.”

And this is where you want to think like a President.  Well, a good President, anyway.

See when Presidents are elected for their first term . . . they’ve never done it before either.  Ever. And they’ve got just a little bit of pressure on them to make sure they do it right.  I mean, I know theater is important, but I think you’d all agree the Presidency is just a wee bit more high stakes than any show you or I could create and produce.

So if all Presidents are rookies, what do they do?

They surround themselves with people who know more about it than they do.  Or, the good ones do, anyway.

And that’s the most important thing Self-Producers can do as well.  So you haven’t done it before. So what?  There are lots of people out there that can help you.  You can hire a General Manager to create a budget.  You can hire a press agent to get you reviewers.  You can hire . . . anybody.

Money tight and you can’t hire all those people?  Find other Artists who have self-produced and get them on your team.  Trade some services. Trade dinners.  But put a team together that can help you with the things you haven’t done before, and you’ll find that Self-Producing is a lot easier than you think.

Are you considering Self-Producing?  Not sure where to start, or if you’re up for it?  Want a specific plan of attack to get your show up on a stage . . . and get people to see it?

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Wednesday, June 14th

7 PM
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(I could have used a picture of the guy that’s currently occupying that oval room in that big white house in Washington.  But, you know, I wanted to use a photo of a good president.  #Oops  #GotPolitical  #SorryNotSorry)


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