The sequel to sequels.

So Les Miserables II: One Show More is out of the question.

Ditto to the sibling sequel Thoroughly Modern Molly.

If we can’t sequelize our shows, is there anything else we can do to extend their life?

Movies release remastered versions with bonus material.

Books reprint 2nd and 3rd and 10th editions.

iPhones have software updates.

What can you do to re-energize your audiences into coming back to your show?  Recast?  A new song or scene appears?  Talk backs?  A new special effect?  A new sound system?

Some of these are pretty drastic (and pretty expensive), so before you go asking your authors for a new tune for Act II, let’s look at those other industries and what they do.

Remastered, 2nd editions and software updates all have one thing in common.  They seek to improve their product.  They don’t just make it different.  They make it better.

What would you do if your show was running 20 years to make it better?

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