The Sunday Giveaway: 2 Tickets to Rain.

The first concert I ever went to when I was a kid was Beatlemania. And I got so hooked on The Beatles that I bought The Blue Album, The Red Album, and The White Album.  If they had an album, and it had a color, I bought it.

One of things I remember about the concert was that the audience was filled with senior citizens, middle-aged couples, and kids like me.

I went to see Rain, the new Beatles experience on Broadway, about a month ago. In the middle of the show, I looked around at the audience and saw . . . senior citizens, middle aged couples, and kids (not like me).  In fact, right behind me were 6 teenage girls who might as well have been at a Bieber concert.  They were screaming, they knew every lyric to every song, and they kept talking about the singer’s haircut.

If you have ever wondered what classic material is, The Beatles are it.  They’ve stood the test of a time.  They are to music what Michaelango is to art.

If you’re our lucky winner this week, you’ll be able to see those generation-bending audiences first hand, because we’ve got 2 free tickets to see Rain on Broadway!

Here’s this week’s game:

Did you know that on their famous first appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show, The Beatles performed a showtune?  If not, click here to see it.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if today’s pop artists did the same thing?  Beyonce perfoming ‘For Good’ from Wicked on The Tonight Show, or even The Bieber doing ‘I’m Alive’ from Next to Normal on SNL.

In the spirit of last week’s contest, comment below on what pop artist you would most want to see perform a show tune today in their own style.

I’ll pick a winner from one of the commenters.

Go!  And good luck!


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