The Sunday Giveaway: 2 Tickets to The Jimmy Awards!

Ok, if you have never entered a Sunday Giveaway before, enter this one.  Because The Jimmy Awards are a must see.

What are they?

Here’s the official copy:

Join us as 60 of our country’s most talented teens perform songs & medleys from the roles that won them top honors at their local musical theater awards competitions. In this one night only engagement on Broadway, the race is on for the “Jimmy Award” for Best Performance by an Actress and Best Performance by an Actor. A panel of industry brass will score performers, winners will be chosen and college scholarships and other prizes will be announced live!

But in a nutshell?

The Jimmys are the High School Tony Awards.

And let me tell you something.  Without naming names, I think a few of the actual Tony Award winners we’ve had over the last couple of decades could learn a few things from some of the contestants of Jimmys past.  Wait until you see these kids!   (In fact, don’t wait, click here to see last year’s Best Actor winner and Best Actress winner)

The Jimmys, a project of The Nederlander Organization, are an example of what we discussed here on this blog not too long ago:  successful competitions designed to build better talent and bigger audiences for tomorrow.  (Because guess what – better talent brings bigger audiences).

I’ve been to every Jimmy Award show since they started.  And the next one is Monday, June 25th, hosted by Constantine Maroulis & Deborah Cox!

And this year, one of you is going too!  For freeeeeee.

Here’s how to win the two tickets to The Jimmys.  Simple.  Comment below the title of the musical you did in high school and the role/part/staff position you had (and if you weren’t in one, just name the show that your school did).  That’s it.  Nice and easy.

Extra credit for most embarrassing high school musical story.

I guess that means you need one from me . . . so here goes:

Boy, I wish I had the video on YouTube for this one.  I played Billy Crocker in Anything Goes, and my high school sweetheart was playing opposite me in the role of Hope Harcourt (I know, sweet, right?).  Well, right after the two characters kiss for the first time in Act II, Hope runs out . . . and Billy screams out after her . . . “Hope!  Hope!!!”  And, in typical high school sound fashion, my microphone feedback.  So you heard . . . “Hope!  Hooooooopeeeeeeee!” And it sounded like my voice cracked like Peter Brady’s in that Brady Bunch episode about puberty.  The audience burst out in laughter.  I had no idea what was so funny . . . until I saw the video.

Ok, now your turn!


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