The Sunday Giveaway: An Audition Workshop with Rachel Hoffman of Telsey Casting

This one is for the Actors out there.

I’ve given out Audition Tips for Actors on this blog before, and now it’s time for you to hear it from a true audition expert.  Rachel Hoffman of Telsey Casting, has literally seen tens of thousands of auditions over her career for everything from Evita to Newsies to Spiderman and more, and now she’s going to share her tips with you in an Audition Workshop on 5/31!  Click here for more info.

And one of you is going for f-f-f-free.

Here’s how to win!

Audition stories are awesome.  My favorite nugget from my days as a “twirlie” (which is what my good friend Joey calls Singer/Actor/Dancers) was the day I was asked to do a double pirouette at a callback for Peter Pan.  By myself.  In front of everyone.  Not a single, mind you, but a double, which at this point in my career I had pulled off . . . oh . . . maybe NEVER.  Singles?  Sure.  Doubles?  Meh.  But I sucked it up and did it . . . and fell flat on my face.  In front of everyone.

Irony is?

I got the gig.  And there were no freekin’ double pirouettes in Peter Pan.

What’s your favorite audition story?  Share it below (emailers, click here) and one of you will win a free spot to let Rachel Hoffman tune you up so you can land that Broadway gig.


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