The Sunday Giveaway: Four Tickets to Greed Off Broadway!

This week’s Sunday Giveaway is Super-Super-Supersized!  (Read that back again out loud in your favorite Monster Truck Announcer Voice and you’ll get what I was going for.)

We’ve got four tickets to Greed, the new Off Broadway musical now playing at New World Stages.  

What’s Greed about?

It’s about lust.

No, no.  It’s about greed, duh.

From the marketing blurb:

“What do Jamie Dimon, Lance Armstrong, Pope Francis and Bernie Madoff have in common?  They all appear in Greed: A Musical for Our Times.  The musical comedy’s targets range from Ponzi schemes to the not-so-subtle sales pitches of retirement planners and mortgage bundlers. With numbers like “A Little Juice,” “Inside Information,” “I’ll Cheat On My Taxes” and “The Ballad of Jamie Dimon,” Greed takes aim at the obvious, and not so obvious, targets.”Funny, right?  And I wonder how many people from our own beloved industry could appear in this show?  I could give you a few dozen names myself.  🙂  But I won’t.  It’s Sunday, after all.

You can learn more about it here.

And you can win four tickets right here!  And here’s how:

Speaking of greed.  Let’s talk about our favorite “greedy” subject:  Broadway ticket prices.

Full price tickets for Broadway shows are now in the $130-$140 range.

It’s 2014.  Tell me what you think the full price ticket will be (including facility fees) in 2025.  Ten years from now. Comment your answer below and you could win!  Good luck!  And let greed be with you!


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