The Sunday Giveaway: The Everyday Entrepreneur Book and Gala

A lot of folks don’t think of Broadway Producers as Entrepreneurs.  But when you think about it, we are all serial start-up guys and dolls.  If you produce three shows a year, you’ve started three brand new businesses, with new products, management teams, marketing plans etc.

You may not have trained in business, but you’re doing it.

And the flip-sideis that a lot of theater folk don’t look to replicate the success stories of people outside our industry.  Oh, no, they think, the theater is too unique, there’s no other business that you can compare it to.

Insert buzzer sound here, because that is oh, so wrong.

Enter successful entrepreneur Rob Basso, who not only built a mucho successful company of his own, but has also expanded into assisting developing entrepreneurs with their businesses.  Rob and his Basso on Business team provides education, networking and inspiration for a lot of folks looking to get to the next level of success.  And it works.

Rob’s got a brand new book on the market called The Everyday Entrepreneur.  The subtitle?  Apply the triple threat of ambition, confidence and conviction . . . ”

He had me at triple threat.

Actually he had me at, “Ken, I’m going to write a book,” becuase if you’re looking to jump start your biz, Rob has got the cables.

Oh, and, I was given the distinct honor of being featured in the book.

Want to read it?

Well, this week I’m giving away three copies of the book, and three tickets to the gala release party on November 15th!

How do you win?  Simple.  Name me a business person, living or not, that you think would have made a great Broadway producer.  For example . . . I think Richard Branson would make a great Broadway producer because his innate ability to create unique experiences and market the F out of them.

And there will be three winners!

Ok?  Good luck.  And if you win, I’ll see you at the release party!


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