The Sunday Giveaway: Two tickets to Billy’s Unspeakable Acts

Oh PP readers, let me pull a Jimmy Swaggart and just admit it.  I lied to you.

I told you in yesterday’s blog that I’d have a $1k giveaway today.  And I don’t.  The $1k giveaway is next week.

But don’t fret. Today’s giveaway is priceless.  🙂

This week I’m giving away two tickets to a brand new show called Billy’s Unspeakable Acts.  You don’t know who Billy is?  

Well, Billy is a @%$.  

What four letter word did I mean by a @%$?  Parents, cover your children’s monitors . . .

He’s a . . . a . . . mime.


Billy’s a pretty famous @%$, actually, having sold out shows all over the world and gotten some great notices in the process.  And now he’s bringing his “Unspeakable Acts” (Get it?  “Unspeakable?”) to the city.  What are those acts?  Well, how about such family friendly routines like . . . “Whitney Houston’s Last Bath,” “Dinner with Jeffrey Dahmer,” and . . . oh boy, that one is so controversial, I’m not even going to say it.  You can check out the rest of Billy’s stylings at the official website here.

And one of you is going to get to see this @%$ and his unspeakable acts in person for free-zies!

How do you win?

To call Billy a little controversial is like calling Wicked a little successful.  But controversy sells, right?

What’s the most controversial thing you’ve seen on stage . . . for better or for worse?  Comment below with what has ruffled your feathers, for better or worse, and you could win the tix!

_ _ _ _!

(That was “mime” for “Go!”)


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