The Sunday Giveaway: Two Tickets to Collision by The Amoralists

They’re baaaaack.

The theater company that brought you the giveaway that almost included a gun (oh boy doesn’t that have a different ring to it these days, doesn’t it?), is back with a brand new play . . . and two tickets to give away.

The Amoralists are presenting the world premiere of the new play, Collisionunder the tag line, “What happens when all the wrong people meet at exactly the right time?”

And in Amoralistic style, they are giving away the tickets . . . and a flask.

Not sure how a flask plays into the collision, but you’ll find out if you win.  And instead of having to buy a $18 sippy cup for your cocktail, you’ll have a flask.  So there’s that.

Ok, let’s give these puppies away.

This week’s giveaway is so simple, even a Mac user can do it (I don’t really know what that joke means, but it sounded good when I typed it).

To enter to win tickets to Collision, tell me . . . now that the sippy cocktails have been in all Broadway theaters for a couple years now . . . let’s take a poll and see if you like the eating/drinking in your seats policy.

Comment with “aye” or “nay”, and we’ll pretend we’re congress. (Aye = in favor)

Next week I’ll report back with what you all thought and one winner chosen randomly will go see Collision.  Let the debate begin!


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