The Sunday Giveaway: Two Tickets to First Date on Broadway!

Let me ask you all a question.

Raise your hands if you’ve .  . . ever been on a first date?

Ok, did everyone feel thousands of hands go up at the same time?

That’s right, dating, and therefore a first date, is something that pretty much the entire population . . . of everywhere . . . has in common.

So, that would say that a musical called, oh I don’t know, First Date (talk about a good title), might have a large market, wouldn’t you say?  I mean if every single theatergoer in the world can relate to your subject, you’re starting off on the right marketing foot, right?

First Date stars Zachary “Chuck” Levi and Krysta “Smash” Rodriguez and is about, duh, a first date.  But like “24,” it happens in real time, and through some serious creative funny-business you get to see what this guy and doll are thinking as their love connection unfolds.

Good date?  Bad date?  What will it be?

One of you will find out because we’re giving away two tickets to this very first entry in the 2013-14 Broadway season!  And, ah, yeah, if you haven’t guessed, this show would be great for date night.

So how do you win?  Let’s go off topic a bit (but sort of on).

Tell me your WORST date story in the comments below.  I’ll pick a winner.

Need an example?  Ooooohh I’ve got a bunch, but nothing tops the one where the girl started crying about five minutes in.

Good luck!


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