The Sunday Giveaway: Two Tickets to Hamlet and Two Tickets to Saint Joan!


Why give away tickets to one show when you can give away tickets to two?

In homage to this coming Black Friday, we’re giving away a 2-for-1 this week with tickets to the Bedlam Theatre Company’s productions of Hamlet by you-know-who and Shaw’s Saint Joan.  

If you don’t know Bedlam, you might want to read this NY Times feature (!) from two days ago.  Yep, that’s right, this pint-sized theater company is making a big-time impact on the city theater scene, with its current production(s) garnering reviews like, “The most exciting George Bernard Shaw revival I’ve ever seen, bar none,” (Wall Street Journal) and “A production to be treasured,” (NY Times) and “Bedlam Theatre Company works genuine miracles!” (NY Magazine)

But what I love about this theater co. that is so evident in that Times article, is that despite their recent success, they still maintain a “let’s put on a show,” attitude that I think is necessary for success at all levels of the theater, including on Broadway.

The article jokes about the number of hats the Artistic Director and Managing Director wear and have worn . . . and will wear again (like selling snacks for next year’s season?).

It reminded me of getting my company and my first show, The Awesome 80s Promoff the ground.  I was working the Box Office, directing the show, general managing the show, running tickets to the TKTS booth, and just about everything else (all without paying myself a salary – because what “start-up” has any money?).

And it was one of the best times of my life.

I’m sure you’ve got stories of crazy things you’ve done for your show of your theatre company.  Tell me about something you’ve done that was above-and-beyond for your show, theatre company, etc, and you’ll be eligible to win tickets to Saint  Joan and Hamlet.

For example . . .

One of my favorite memories from The Prom is being woken up at 7 AM by the Prom Hotline (everything was done out of my apartment in those days) and me sprinting to the phone in my boxers and t-shirt . . . and then proceeding to sell the show to a Mom booking her daughter’s Sweet 16 party.

Thank God there was no Skype in those days.

Tell me your story and you could win!  And, get this, since we’ve got two shows, we’ll have two winners!

Hit it!


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