The Sunday Giveaway: Two tickets to Rock of Ages on Broadway!

Oh it was about 7 or so years ago now when I got a call from an agent in LA asking me if I’d meet with someone who was working on this “80s Rock Show Thingee” that had sold out a club in LA for six weeks and had everybody wanting more.

See, I was a couple years in on The Awesome 80s Prom at that point, so this agent thought I might want to take a look and get involved.

One 80s show was enough for me at that point, and besides, the show was in great hands with the group of producers that moved it from LA to Off Broadway (with a brief stop in Vegas) then to the Brooks Atkinson on Broadway where it picked up a Tony Nom, and then to the Helen Hayes on Broadway and then to the silver screen with Tom Cruise and Alec Baldwin, and then on multiple tours and all over the world.

Huh, why didn’t I take that meeting again?  (If you think that was a missed opp, remind me to tell you about the time I had a shot at getting in early on Once!)

Years later, and Rock of Ages is still rocking on Broadway (and is responsible for grabbing a lot of my audience from The Prom, actually).  And they deserve it.

And one of you is going to get the chance to rock out at Rock of Ages because we’ve got two tickets to give away . . . and the timing couldn’t be more perfect, because original Rock star Constantine Maroulis just returned.  And you’ve haven’t lived until you’ve heard him scream out some of those 80s tunes, let me tell you something.

So how do you win?

The 80s are awesome.  And they’ll never die.  I’ve said before that the 80s are the new 50s . . . a decade that will always be fun to celebrate.

But what if Rock of Ages was a 90s show? Give me the name of your favorite 90s tune that could inspire a musical of the same name.  You will be disqualified if your song is from any other decade but the 90s.  Or if your song is Celine Dion’s, “My Heart Will Go On.”

One winner gets to hear Constantine blow the roof off the Helen Hayes!  Good luck!


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