The Sunday Giveaway: Two tickets to The Heidi Chronicles on Broadway!

Hey yo!  Heidi is back on Broadway, and she brought along Elisabeth Moss, Jason Biggs and Bryce Pinkham with her, in a brand new production that got raves.

And one of you is going to see it for free.

Oh man it feels like just yesterday I was doing scenes from The Heidi Chronicles at Tisch.  I played Scoop in the famous, “Are you guarding the chips,” scene.

I was awful.

See, I had a crush on the girl playing Heidi, and see there’s this moment at the end of the scene where Scoop plants a big ol’ confident kiss on her after asking her to “go to bed” with him.  I was too nervous to kiss her in rehearsal, so I pitched her this crazy method-like idea of, “Hey, it’s their first kiss right?  So let’s not kiss until we’re doing the scene in class in front of everybody . . . it will be fresh that way.   Why practice a first kiss?”


As you’d expect, when we did it in front of the class, we were awful.  My acting teacher said for some reason I looked very nervous for the entire scene.  (Uh, duh!)  So he made us go to the hall and talk about the scene and then come back in and do it again.  In the hall, I told my Heidi I had a crush on her.   She told me she was flattered, and maybe we could see a show together sometime.

We went back in and did the scene again.

It was better.  🙂

Ok, that’s my acting class/scene partner story.

Do you have a story from acting class?  Maybe you worked with someone who became a star.  Maybe your acting teacher was bonkers?  Comment below with your best acting class/drama club story and one of you will win tickets to Heidi, and see Elisabeth Moss and Jason Biggs do “the chips” scene the way it’s supposed to be done.

Now I’m going to go hit up Facebook and see if I can find out what the heck happened to that Heidi from my days at the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute.  I haven’t thought about that moment in a decade at least.  Only problem is I can’t remember her name!


Good luck!


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