TheaterMaking 2.021

The theater is emerging from a crisis none of us could have imagined.  Ever. Like never ever.

But we got through it. Which is a real testament to anyone and everyone who makes theater. YES I AM TALKING TO YOU.

Your passion and commitment to this thing we do is what kept a whole industry alive. So thank you.

And that energy is exactly why we’re coming out on the other side. Fin-a-effin-ly.

Reopening dates for Broadway, Off Broadway and at theaters all over the world are in our sights. We are almost there.

But don’t plan your cast parties just yet.

As much as I’m celebrating the end of this @#$%ing tortuous time, the end of the pandemic does not mean that the theater is back.

It means we CAN come back. It doesn’t mean we’re all the way back.

But we can be. And we will be.

As long as we focus on three things.

What are those three things?

I don’t have to tell you, because you already know.

See, two weeks ago, I asked those of you out there who were producing your own work or producing other people’s work, to tell me what your greatest challenge was coming out of this pandemic.

The top three answers from the hundreds of surveys I received?

1.  What types of plays and/or musicals are going to be in demand post-pandemic?

2.  How do I get audiences, producers, and investors to see my shows post-pandemic?

3. How do I raise money for my show post-pandemic?

In other words, your concerns were what I call “The Three Ms”:




Know what’s funny? These are the most common questions I got BEFORE the pandemic.

Know what’s NOT funny?

The answers have all changed.

It’s a new world. Which means the art that we create for that world, how we market it and how we get it supported has changed.

And if you think you can do what you did before and be successful, well, good luck to you.

See, we’re past TheaterMaking 1.0.

What we are doing right now? It’s TheaterMaking 2.021. And beyond.

Do you want to know my answers to those three questions above?   And what TheaterMaking in 2021 and beyond is gonna look like?  And how to make shows work in a post pandemic world?

I’m going to answer those questions, of course. That’s why I asked you for them!

But, because the answers are going to be a bit more detailed than my usual posts, and because the answers for a small, committed group of TheaterMakers . . . (and because I don’t want to clog inboxes if this you’re not in that group), I’m going to answer them in a 3-part exclusive email series.

You can sign up for that series here.

The first email will drop June 2nd.  (I’m still researching my answers, which is why the delay, so bear with me.)

So if you’re interested in learning how I’m approaching producing my own work and other people’s work post-pandemic, click here to sign up.

In this series, I’ll give you my post-pandemic take and some new strategies I’m using for those “3 Ms:  Materials, Marketing and Money.”

Because we all need new strategies. And we need them now.

Because look, the biggest takeaway I got from the pandemic is that life is short. And we’ve got shows to do. And no time to waste. We just lost a year. I don’t know about you, but I’m not losing another one by sitting around.

So let’s get to it.

Sign up here for my 3-part series on TheaterMaking 2.021 starting June 2nd.

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