There has never been a way to practice this. Until NOW.

You know the cliche . . . how do you get to Carnegie Hall?

You practice.

But that’s about performers or musicians.

What about if you want to write a play that gets put on at Carnegie Hall? Or better, a few blocks away . . . on Broadway?

How DO you get to Broadway if you’re a writer?

The answer is the same.


Every profession practices. If you want to stay at the top of your “game,” you put in time off-the-court, sharpening your skills, so that when the pressure is on, you perform.

For writers, practicing is . . . well . . . writing.

And that didn’t seem like enough to me. I think writers are their own kind of athlete. They need to strengthen certain muscles. They need to become more flexible. They need to know how to hit a jump shot and a layup.

That’s why I asked Eric C. Webb, my Director of Creative Development, with fellow TheaterMaker Christopher Holoyda and my team at The TheaterMakers Studio, to put together the ONLY practice book for playwrights available anywhere.

And AS OF TODAY, it’s available on for a whopping $2.99. (Only through April 19th). And of which, I think Jeff Bezos gets like 90%.

It’s called 100 Playwriting Challenges. And it’s just that. 100 practice exercises for playwrights.

There are exercises for character building, writing better dialogue, etc.

And here’s the promise. You do one of these 5-10 minute exercises a day over the next 100 days, and you will have strong playwriting muscles at the end. You will be a better playwright. Period.

Think of it like doing a set of push-ups for the day. But this strength is going to do oh so much more for you.

I use them. It’s my warm-up. Gets my juices flowing. And then I dig in.

So get it here. It’s $2.99 until April 19th only. And I think Jeff Bezos gets like 90%.

Why did we do it?  Because we believe the world is a better place if there is more theater in it. And that’s why we’ll do anything to help you make more theater and better theater.

Get it here. Gift it to the writer in your life.  But spread the exercises and let’s all get theatrically healthier!

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