These people are officially not allowed to complain.

On, we have a weekly news feature called  “Look Who’s Off-Broadway” that puts the online spotlight on important folks treading the Off-Broadway boards.  By showing our visitors that since television, film and Broadway stars are willing to take a chance Off-Broadway, the ticket-buyers should as well, at the same time hoping to increase the perceived value of Off-Broadway.

It’s a simple 10 question interview that can be done over email and has no deadline.

As Off-Broadway shows scream for attention from the media or even the guy on the street, you would think that any Off-Broadway show would kill for a shot to be featured for free on the most heavily trafficked site that caters specifically to Off-Broadway ticket buyers.

And you would be wrong.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve reached out to the following shows and given them all a chance for their shows and actors to be featured:

Three Changes
Fifty Words
Boys’ Life
Forbidden Broadway
The Tempest
What’s That Smell?

What have we been told?

“Sorry, he is not available.”

“Unfortunately, due to the rehearsal/performance schedule and other demands at this time, we are going to have to pass on this request.”

“He is not doing interviews.”

And my favorite response?

No response.

Yep, that’s right.  Three shows didn’t even return our calls and emails.

Oooohhhhh, I have so many questions:

  • Are all of these shows really doing so well that they can afford to say no to offers like this or any others?
  • How can actors not do press?
  • How can people not return phone calls?

And most importantly . . .

  • If the star really was too busy (!), why wouldn’t the Press Agent offer
    us another actor or creative team member or janitor or anyone involved with the show to try and still get the media attention?

Look, every show and every star has a choice.  And if you want to be picky about
your press, that’s your prerogative.

But when you refuse opportunities like this, you also lose your whining-privileges, so I don’t want to hear from any of the above or their people that it’s hard to market your show Off-Broadway.

The sad part is that I bet the Producers were never even made aware of this offer.

In which case, they should remind their people that in the Off-Broadway environment, where recoupment is as rare as a unicorn holding a four-leaf-clover, it’s important to take advantage of every free opportunity you can to speak to your buyers.

Oh, and get your stars on board.

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