This was JUST released . . . and why.

Wanna hear a song from Harmony? Even though the first preview is 82 days away, you can!

Yesterday, People magazine released the title tune featuring Chip Zien and my six Comedian Harmonists (Sean Bell, Danny Kornfeld, Zal Owen, Eric Peters, Blake Roman, and Steven Telsey.)

You can listen to it here.

And that song is just the beginning. Soon enough you’ll be able to listen to the whole album.

Yep, we’re releasing the complete cast album this fall, before the show even starts performances.

Why did we drip a tune out yesterday, and why release the album before the show?

The biggest tool you have in your musical marketing toolbox is your music. (Music is the root word of musical, after all.) The sooner you can get it out there, the better.

That’s why, last year, after Harmony’s acclaimed run at the Yiddish National Theater Folksbienne, we recorded the album. (We had everyone assembled, and they knew the music – it’s always easier to do an album when your cast has just done a version of the show – whether that’s a production or a workshop.)

The hope, of course, is that when we get those tunes out, people like you will love it. Because if a show can get the songs stuck in your head, then you are much more likely to buy a ticket when the opportunity comes along.

Most shows can’t even record their albums until after their shows officially open. They’re not lazy or anything. They just need to wait until the show is frozen, so the album represents what is on the stage.

But here’s the thing I’m advocating for lately.

Yes, make sure it represents what is in your stage, but it doesn’t have to be a perfect picture of that score.

I’d release an album if it was only 90%. Why?.

First, people don’t consume albums like they used to. Most likely they’re going to stream the songs they want and that’s it.

Second, the marketing potential of getting your music out a month or two earlier (or even a year!) outweighs releasing an album that is slightly different than what’s on the stage two months into performances.. (My rule of thumb: you want to make sure all the songs are staying, and that you’re not writing anything new.)

So get your music out there as fast as you can. Whether you release one song, or a concept recording or even just a couple of demos. Whether your show is trying to make it to off-off Broadway or all the way to Broadway. Because if your audience gets a hold of that music, then they can help you GET you to Broadway or beyond (Be More Chill, anyone?)

Hope you like the tune. Click here to listen.

If you do, please share it. 🙂

And click here to be the first to know when we release the full album.

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