Podcast Episode 80 – Tony Award-Winning Producers, Sue Frost and Randy Adams

In 2016, finding a good business partner may be harder than finding a good life partner.  Unfortunately, there’s no Tinder for business (hmmmm, new app idea anyone?).

And in an industry like ours, which can be more frustrating than trying to solve a Rubik’s Cube in the dark after someone has peeled off all the colored stickers, a great partner can help get you much further than you can get on your own . . . and faster.

This week’s guests are one of the finest examples of producing partnerships in our industry.  They’re smart, successful, and they do great work while having a great time and maintaining an even better reputation for being the nicest two Producers in town.

They won their Tony for Memphis (which they worked their butts off in developing, as you’ll hear) and have one of the most buzzed about shows coming into town next season.

Hear this three-way convo as we discuss:

  • What they learned from running non-profit theaters that helps them in the commercial world.
  • How they’ve learned to divide and conquer their producing duties.
  • Why the independent Producer is becoming an endangered species.
  • The challenges of producing Come From Away and why they are producing it anyway.
  • How they found each other, and how you can find a partner too.

Enjoy this terrific masterclass in partnerships!

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