Twitter under fire. How do you avoid the flames?

When I thought Twitter was about to tip, I had no idea that they would get major socio-political plugs on CNN not once, but twice.

And obviously, neither did Twitter.

A few weeks ago, the site experienced more than just the usual growing pains of a new company with a lot of new attention, thanks to a major database crash because of “too many connections” (isn’t that their goal?).    Bloggers everywhere have been lamenting their twitter troubles and competitors are seeing a hole in the twit-osphere.

The last time I saw a revolutionary new company not be able to keep up with its demand was a little website called Friendster.

Will Twitter be trounced by the next MySpace?  Only tweets will tell.

How does this relate to Producing?

When developing a show, you have to be ready for the ridiculous to happen.

What would you do if an investor saw a reading and was ready to hand you a check for 10 million dollars?  What would you do if Time Magazine wanted to do a feature on your show for its next edition?  What would you do if Tom Cruise expressed interest in your script?

We all daydream and wish upon stars and “secret” for this kind of attention.  But what separates the Friendsters from the MySpaces are the companies and producers that turn that attention into a spotlight on how they are ready for the big time.  Instead of a spotlight on how they can’t keep up.

Are you ready?

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