[VIDEO]: 2019 Super Conference – “Keynote Address by Tony Winner Stephanie J. Block.”

I heard a CNN story the other day about a concern that Netflix was running out of content.  First of all, give me a break, CNN.

Second, if you need content, we’ve got content!  And it’s much better than watching Mall Cop . . . again.

As you may know, for the past three years, we’ve held one of the largest conferences for TheaterMakers in the world.  We have panels on working with collaborators, getting the rights to source material, how to increase diversity on and off the stage, casting, storytelling, and just about everything in between.  Featured on those panels have been everyone from Tara Rubins, Jamil Jude, Rick Miramontez, and about a hundred more, just like them.

What you may not know is that every year, we’ve ‘videotaped’ (if that’s still a word), every single one of them.


We didn’t know.  (Marketing Tip:  Whenever you are spending time and money to make content, always record it – you might be able to use it for something else someday.)

But now we do.

The videos of every single panel have just been sitting in our archives.  We’ve let them out here and there, but mostly, we’ve held them tight.

But now, especially in light of the Netflix crisis (I mean, really), we’re releasing them ALL for you.   One a day, until we can all gather again.

I think you’ll find that genius TheaterMakers featured on the panels will help you get through any obstacles you might be facing with your theater project . . . and will also help you just get through the day.

And first up, is the incredible Tony Award winner, Stephanie J. Block, who delivered our keynote address last year, less than 24 hours after hearing she was going to deliver said keynote.

That’s right, Stephanie J. Block was a last-minute replacement!

How’d she do?

I’m sure you can guess.

But watch for yourself below.

And learn how she battles fear, why we all need to stop “shapeshifting,” and why she says “Yes,” to things like delivering a 30-minute keynote in front of 500 People without preparation.

No matter what you do in this business or in this life, I challenge you to not be inspired.

And if it does affect you, please share it.  Stephanie has graciously allowed us to get this out to the world right now, and I thank her immensely for her generosity.

So now, ladies and gentlemen, first up from our Super Conference archives, the incomparable, Stephanie J. Block.

(And stay tuned for a new video every single day, right here in this space.  Tomorrow, Arvind Ethan David, Aisha Jackson, Douglas Lyons, and Melvin Tunstall III in a panel on Diversity in the Arts!  Subscribe here to get it emailed to you.)


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