Wanna be an Associate Producer? Introducing the DTE AP Scholarship.

On my birthday last August, I wrote a blog about my concern for the lack of Broadway Producers under the age of 40.  Our research indicated that only 8% of the Producers in the Broadway League were 39 or younger (read the blog here).

At 8%, that’s a problem!  Producers only get better by producing.  So it’s important that 20 somethings and 30 somethings get opportunities to produce shows now, so by the time they are in the crux of their career, they’ve got the experience necessary to contribute to the theater in the way they want to, and the way that we need them to.

Of course, the problem in our biz is that the admission price for producers is usually a few hundred grand or more, right?  It’s the ultimate entertainment catch 22.  Sure, we need more Producers in their 20s and 30s, but how many of those folks have access to the capital required to earn them that credit?  And without that credit, or the on-site experience that comes with it, how do they convince investors to give them money for their own shows in the future?

‘Tis a conundrum.

I got a lot of feedback from the future Producers of America when I posted that blog last August expressing that kind of concern.  So for the last six months I’ve been trying to come up with some way that I could help.

It’s part of my mission to get more Producers producing . . . or should I say to get more smart Producers producing.

And that’s why I’ve decided to put my money where my blog is.

Introducing the first ever, Davenport Theatrical Associate Producer Scholarship.

What do I mean?

We’re going to accept applications, and one person, between the ages of 18-30, is going to be awarded an Associate Producer position on my upcoming production of Macbeth.

What does that mean?

The winner of the scholarship will receive title page and house board billing, a bio in the program, etc . . . but more importantly, this person will be embedded into the day-to-day process of producing Macbeth and will learn all aspects of what I do . . . from General Management to Investor Relations to Guerrila Marketing to planning the opening night party (and oh, we have such a cool idea for it).  And yes, you’re going to have to do some blogging along the way to let my readers know what you’re learning.

It’s going to be a lot of work.  And it’s not for everyone.  The application process rivals a college app.  And even if you’re chosen to be one of the ten finalists, you’ll then participate in an in-person group interview that will test how you produce/market/manage on your feet.

It’s going to be a challenge.  Because just because we’re producing a play, doesn’t mean it’s play time.

Applications are due on March 6th.  You can get the full details and apply here.

I look forward to working with one of you.


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