Warning. This blog is NOT about TheaterMaking. Unless . . .

My usual MO is to talk about things that aren’t talked about in the TheaterMaking sphere.

Today, I’m widening that sphere to talk about something that not a lot of people are talking about in another sphere. 

But they should be.

It’s NOT a strategy to make more theater and better theater . . . but it IS a simple hack on how to do something that is almost as hard.

What is that thing?

Pay for a college education for your kid.

Yep, if you’re a parent or KNOW a parent, then you must read on. 

You’ll hear how an investor tipped me on to a program that put almost $2k into my daughter’s 529. And a billion bucks into the plans of other kids. For reals. No catch. 

It’s called Upromise.

Founded 20 years ago (and poorly marketed in my opinion), it deposits a % of your purchases when you shop their partners . . . from Uber to Chipotle to Expedia . . . straight into your kids 529. 

And, oh, and a ton of local restaurants too.

There’s even a way to register your credit card . . . AND THE CREDIT CARDS OF FRIENDS, GRANDPARENTS AND MORE . . . and the savings just show up. You don’t even have to do anything. That’s right, you can have an army of people shopping their way to your kids’ tuition.

I’ve been averaging a grand a year into my kid’s account since I registered McKenna.  Which means I’ll have close to $20k by the time she’s ready to go to school. (That’ll probably be only enough for a textbook, but hey.)

If you’re a parent, or know one, check it out here

Sign up. Shop like you normally do and save. 

They even give you $5.29 (get it) for signing up and another $25 for free when you link your 529. 

Check it out and start saving for your kids college for free here.

And I’m sorry for the divergence from my usual blog fare, but when I find something that can help other people . . . whether in theater or in parenting or ANYTHING for that matter . . .  I can’t help but e-yell out loud about it. I hope you don’t mind.   

And, well, since Congress doesn’t look like they are going to do anything about making college more affordable, then it’s our responsibility to share stuff like this.

Check out UPromise here.

More strategies for your TheaterMaking and everyday life coming soon.

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