We will get a New Deal for Xmas?

President-Elect Obama revealed his economic plan last week.  As expected, there were some similarities to FDR’s plan, most notably in the creation of public works jobs.

That got me to thinking . . . could we see something similar happen in our little word? Could our version of big government (our theater owners) step in and give us a little stimulation by creating projects for us to work on?

In the early days, theater owners used to be the most prolific Producers in town.  But as years passed, as costs and risks increased, the theater owners scaled back the number of shows they actively produced and focused more on growing their other businesses – see the Shubert website time line which indicates a thirteen year hiatus from Producing altogether (thank God they are still producing, however, because without Shubert involvement, shows like this one, would never have happened).

What if the owners stepped in to stimulate by producing more shows on their own?  They’d fill their own quickly emptying theaters, employ a lot of out-of-work folks, and insure that there was plenty of product for the tourists coming to town to see.

We’re not in a dire enough situation to see any of this happen just yet.  But if it gets worse . . . and if I were the Producer-Elect, that’s what I’d do.

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