We’ve got lots of Stars, so why not a Broadway All-Stars.

I’m on a bit of a road trip right now, and last night I had the pleasure to speak to a bunch of Broadway fans and investors in Boca Raton.

But before we got to Broadway we talked baseball.

My gracious host for the evening told me how her four-year-old son (!) had been asked to play on a local, traveling “All-Star” team.  Quite an honor, right?  I mean, I almost asked the kid to go play catch with me in the back, because he was an “All-Star” for goodness sake (then I remembered he was four and it was past his bedtime).

This convo made me think of my All-Star teams when I was a kid, and of course, the actual Major League Baseball and NBA All-Star Games as well, which gathers the top talent in the League to play together for one game.

That’s when my inner Veruca Salt came out.  “I want a Broadway All-Stars, Daddy, and I want it now!”

About this time of year, there are all sorts of Top Ten Performances lists and Breakout Star lists (our own Hailey Kilgore at Once On This Island has been on a few of those).  That got me thinking. . .

What if there was a selection of the Broadway Stars of the Year . . . maybe fan-voted, maybe not.  And this group of stars got together for a one-night-only concert . . . the Broadway All-Stars of 2017.  Maybe, like that traveling team of 4-year-old baseball players, the BAS traveled around a bit too, bringing Broadway stardom to cities around the tri-state or around the country.

It’s a logistical mess, for shizzle, but the fans would love seeing all these folks united on a stage (especially if it was for charity), and something tells me the talent wouldn’t mind being labeled All-Star in their industry.

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