What a JOY it is to make this announcement!

The first draft of this blog was written circa March 1, 2020.  

We were set to announce that JOY, our new musical about superwoman, Joy Mangano, was going to make its world premiere at The George Street Playhouse that fall.  

And well, along with 8,247 other shows over the last couple of years, we were postponed.

The second draft of this blog was written circa June 1, 2021.  

We were set to announce that we were going to debut in the Spring of ‘22.

And then . . . #Delta

Now, FINALLY, I can hit the publish button and announce . . .

JOY will make its debut at the George Street Playhouse THIS Fall.  

(We took a lesson from Joy herself and wouldn’t give up!)

We start previews on December 7, 2022 and open on December 16, 2022.

You can read the official announcement here.

And boy oh joy has this been a long time coming.

In case you don’t own a velvet hanger, Miracle Mop or mini-steamer, or missed the movie about JOY starring Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper, and Robert De Niro, then let me fill you in on what it’s about.

First, it’s NOT about a mop.

It’s the story of a woman who changed her destiny by:

  1. Having an idea.
  2. Making it happen.

(If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook), then I’m sure you can see why I was attracted to this story.)

And Joy did make it happen, and then some . . . despite a whole bunch of obstacles, including a board room filled with men telling her she didn’t know what she was doing.  

And we can’t wait to share it with you.

There will be lots more to share about JOY (including who IS playing the part), so stay tuned to this blog-station or my Instagram account for updates.

And click here to inquire about tickets.

Oh, and if you want a sneak peek at my passionate writing partner singing one of her own tunes, click here.  (She didn’t even know I was recording!)  And special thanks to my producing partner, Sandi Moran, who got us started on this joyous journey years ago!

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