What Aaron Burn didn’t understand about “The Room Where It Happens.”

 Aaron Burr made so many mistakes in his pursuit of success.
Playing it safe.  Lack of loyalty.  Shooting one of the founding fathers of the United States.
What a tool.
These mistakes come from a misconception about that famous “Room Where It Happens.”
I WANNA BE . . .
He sings this refrain . . . . seven times in a row. So yeah, he wants it. And he wants it bad.
Aaron. Babe. You don’t get it.
Yes, it’s important to be in “the room where it happens.” You have to surround yourself with the top minds in whatever it is you are pursuing. They’ll inspire you. They’ll motivate you. They’ll educate you. Often they will reach out their hand and pull you along with them.
So no question, get in that @#$%ing room.
But you want to know the real secret to success? The kind of success Hamilton had? Or the kind of success Lin-Manuel Miranda has? Or Tyler Perry? Or Bill Gates?
You have to CREATE the room where it happens.
Be the one to call the meeting. Be the one to bring people together. Be the one to start the game. (Serve the tennis ball, as you may have heard me write here.)
Learn from those who have achieved the success you want to have. Surround yourself with those same types of people.
Then create your own unique world where you can create your own unique thing . . . and watch how fast people are singing a chorus seven times in a row . . . wanting to be in YOUR room.
– – – – –
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