What did you think about this year’s Tony Awards? Survey says . . .

As we’ve done for the last several years, the morning after The Tony Awards, we put together a survey to find out what you, the passionate Broadway lover, thought about the Tony Awards telecast.

A week and a ton of passionate responses later, and the results are in.

Here’s what you thought of the 2014 Tony Awards Telecast:


– 99.1% of you watched The Tony Awards

– On a scale of 1-10, here’s how you rated this year’s telecast:

10:  7.73%
9:  11.6%
8:  31.49%
7:  24.86%
6: 11.05%
5: 6.63%
4: 2.76%
3: 3.31%
2: 0.55%
1: 0.0%

– How would you compare this year’s telecast to last year’s?

Worse: 40.61%
The same: 22.84%
Better: 20.3%
Much worse: 8.63%
Much  better: 7.61%

NOTE FROM KEN:  Yikes.  I actually think last year’s telecast was so good, the bar was just a little high this year.  Regardless, you liked last year’s more.  See below my theory as to why.

–  What was your favorite part of the telecast?

Production numbers: 49.49%
Finding out who wins: 16.16%
The host: 12.63%
Acceptance speeches: 12.63%
Other: 5.56%
Opening number: 3.03%
The presenters: 0.51%
Other responses : Hugh Jackman singing/dancing with the leading lady nominees

NOTE FROM KEN:  Last year, over 48% of you chose the opening number as their favorite part of the telecast.  This year, that was only 3.03%.  All that hopping by Hugh just didn’t seem to “land,” no pun intended.  And as a result, the production number rating went way up.  These two categories are a see-saw.  If one goes up, the other goes down.

 – What was your least favorite part of the telecast?

Here are a few comments that represent your least favorite parts:

Future (maybe) productions and no “In Memoriam”.

The previews. I understand that they are using this as a commercial for Broadway, but I’d rather celebrate this past season. Those shows previewed will have their chance later. I would much rather have seen something from The Bridges of Madison County.

The omission of IN MEMORIAM and not broadcasting the awards for Best Score and Best Book of a Musical

Not telecasting the memorial of those who died.

Not getting to see all of the awards presented.

Hugh Jackman hopping through the theater to open the show. WTF?

I’d rather have seen nominee Kelli O’Hara do a number from the Tony Award winning score than a last minute number from Finding Neverland.

–  What musical production number was your favorite?

A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder: 28.28%
Hedwig and the Angry Inch: 22.73%
Beautiful: 12.63%
Aladdin: 7.07%
Les Misérables: 6.57%
After Midnight: 6.06%
If/Then: 5.56%
Violet: 4.55%
Bullets over Broadway: 2.02%
Cabaret: 2.02%
Wicked: 1.52%
Finding Neverland: 0.51%
Rocky: 0.51%
The Last Ship: 0%

 NOTE FROM KEN:  I was a little surprised that Gentleman’s Guide was your favorite number.  Not that it wasn’t terrific, but I just expected more Aladdins and Beautifuls and #s from big ol’ spectacle shows.  Maybe you voted for it because it won?

– Some suggestions for the Tony Award producers that represent comments that came up multiple times:

Include Best Book and Best Score in the live televised program.

Focus on the experiences that Broadway has to offer, not on movie stars.

Get new writers for host’s material.

More “original” production numbers created just for the Tonys.

Show the technical and design awards during the live telecast.

Bring back more Broadway legends.

Give the plays more time.


So that’s what you thought!

What did the Nielsen families think?  The ratings came in at the tune of 7 million total viewers, which was down just a fraction from the year before.

Unfortunate, but it could have been a heck of a lot worse . . . and since this season didn’t have a Mormon like blockbuster, it’s not surprising that we were flat.

The Tonys are only as good as the Broadway season.  So lets pray we’ve got a good one coming up, so we can grow our ratings, and grow our audience.


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