What did you think will recoup?

Our 3rd Annual Will It Recoup contest closed up a few weeks ago, and it will be a few months before we find out who won the Kindle.

But in the meantime, I thought it would be fun (for some) to find out what the majority of you think will recoup this year by looking at which shows got the most “It Will Recoup” votes.


Here is what you, The Producer Perspective pundits, think:

That Championship Season 
57.7% It WILL recoup
42.3% It will NOT recoup                 

27.7% It WILL
72.3% It will NOT 

Ghetto Klown
32.1% It WILL
67.9% It will NOT

Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo
69.5% It WILL
30.5% It will NOT

The Motherf**ker with the Hat
51.4% It WILL
48.6% It will NOT
13.7% It WILL
86.3% It will NOT

33.8% It WILL
66.2% It will NOT

Born Yesterday
23.9% It WILL
76.1% It will NOT

The House of Blue Leaves
59.3% It WILL
40.7% It will NOT

Fat Pig
31% It WILL
69% It will NOT

There are four shows out of the ten on this list that more than 50% of you think are you going to recoup.

The odds say that this majority is going to be wrong, and only 2, maybe 3, will end up in the black at the end of their limited runs.

But let this be the year that we beat the odds.   I know I’m pulling for every single one.

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